Zillow Leads Cheat Sheet- A Few Tips on Maximizing Your Investment

LEAD COMES IN - The first rule of Zillow Leads USE THE Zillow Premier Agent App to manage the majority of the communication.

  • Identify the type of Lead/Email/Phone Call/ Personal Listing Lead (Free)

  • How to Respond→ Call /Text → Email → Add Follow Up Task → RESEARCH → Add to CRM

RESPOND- Keep it short, ASK Questions, and Make appointments.

Choose a method that you like best. This is the method you will be most successful with keeping up with. Everyone works leads differently. There is not a wrong or right way to work leads. Find your own personal rhythm.

Your Best Cold Answer in the Field- Try and position yourself in a good location where you can hear and give the client your full attention. Hi, this is ______ with XYZ Realty. I’m so happy to connect with you how can I help? Keep a notebook handy, take down their information, explain to them that you are in the field, and MAKE AN appointment to call them back with full details.

Text- Sorry I missed you! When can we reconnect about 123 Main Street at 2 pm or 5 pm? Link to your website

Email- Subject NAME I have the information you requested on 123 Main street

Hey ______, Do you have a few minutes to talk? No obligation, I just want to make sure you have the full story on this house.

NOTE: Be Honest- If multiple offers are coming in on the property, let the customer know!

RESEARCH- This may help you figure out important notes for your potential audience profile

Double Check Do Not Call List

Check for Google Reviews, Social Media Accounts, Linkedin

ADD FOLLOW UP TASK- If you do not follow up this will not work.

Use Zillow’s CRM & add it to your personal calendar. You will need multiple reminders and you need to time block time out to work on lead follow up. If you don’t make time, your conversion rates will suffer. Find an accountability partner if you struggle with sticking to a regular schedule.

Good Luck- Remember we are building relationships. Internet contacts are not "instant" fixes for your pipeline. They are real people looking to make their dream of homeownership happen. That dream may take years to come to fruition. Cultivate, communicate, and grow. You can do this!

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