You Can Zoom!

I know that for some of you video chat has been very challenging. It's OK. We all have different devices, tech skills, and comfort levels with jumping into video chats.

Zoom is easy to use, and I feel confident that each of you will be able to find a method to make it work for you. What do you need? Patience. Read through this entire post and take time to educate yourself.

Getting Started:

  • Go to and open up a free account. Make sure to choose a strong password and keep it in a safe place. You will be prompted to download the DESKTOP (an app on your PC or Mac home screen) version, but it does not work you can open the WEB or BROWSER version.

  • Find a pair of headphones- They work better to improve your audio and sound for calls. The pair that came with your smartphone will be perfect. Bluetooth headphone sets are sometimes problematic, so a regular pair will serve you well.


  • Zoom works best in the CHROME web browser. Please make sure that this is the main browser you have open when you are downloading and attempting to join a meeting. Make sure that all other BROWERS are closed so that the application does not get confused.

  • Now go to your smartphone and go to the Application Store and Search for the ZOOM app for your smartphone. This will be your back up method to join a meeting if you have connection issues with your computer. Always be prepared to be flexible. Sometimes the smartphone app will work better. Be flexible and patient with yourself.

  • In your free account set up a test meeting. Find a co-worker, family member, or someone that you can have fun with and experiment using the call.

ZOOM's Youtube Channel- Lots of good stuff here guys. No need for me to reinvent the wheel.

Need more help? No worries. We are here to help. Reach out to me via email and I will make sure you get the one to one help you need.

Thanks for reading and stay positive.

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