My Best Work From Home Advice

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

For all my favorite people here are my best practices for working at home. From an efficiency standpoint being able to recreate what do you in the office at home is smart business. So let's jump in, and don't be surprised if this is a big dose of common sense.

First, if you missed this on Inman this week... Just a little recap

Video Conferencing?

For most people its in the palm of their hand. Practice using Facetime, Google Hangouts/Duo, with friends and family first. Once your comfort level is up, you can incorporate clients and other business partners. I know that video is not for everyone, but your emotions, your tone of voice, and a heartfelt connection can go a long way.


My favorite desktop web conference tool for group meetings is

Why? This tool is easy to use, most of my clients use it without problems, and the screen sharing options are amazing! (P.S. I'm a super fan, not a paid zoom influencer)

Get Organized and Declutter

  1. Try this book.

  2. Remember before you go and buy new supplies to check around, you probably have items in a closet and a box that you have forgotten about.

  3. For the love of peat and repeat get a decent scanner.

  4. Before you print ask yourself if this can be turned into a PDF and emailed and shared.

  5. Google Drive is my primary cloud storage system. There is plenty of free space of all your important documents.

  6. Take time to cull unnecessary digital photos. They take up space and slow things down.

Take Care of Yourself and Stay On A Regular Schedule

  • Get up and get dressed, practice good grooming. Dressing for work get's your brain into work mode and out of Netflix mode.

  • Make calls. People want to hear from you. Real calls over social media and emails always.

  • Podcasts, Audible, and Kindle- The trifecta of good vibe information central. Immerse yourself in positive, educational materials.

  • Do the work. Take breaks as needed. Rinse and repeat.

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