Leads, Contacts, and The Dream Of Homeownership

PLEASE READ this if you are serious about prospecting for new business.

Something I hear often is "I'm so confused about lead generation" Maybe we need to change our mindset to relationship-building opportunities instead.

If you are feeling confused YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Check out all of the "significant" lead gen options agents have to pick from. No wonder you are confused!

Things to keep in mind-

1.) Educating the consumer about market conditions is never a waste of time.

2.) Consumers who are dreaming about being a homeowner someday are never a waste of time.

3.) Research and patience will change your perspective on cultivating and converting leads.

4.) 84% of people purchase a product because of a referral– even if they didn’t directly know the person. Recommendations are extremely important, which is why consumers turn to Yelp or Amazon for reviews and ratings. Nobody wants to pay for a 1-star product or service.

Do me a favor. Every time you feel ready to give up on prospecting and creating connections READ #2. Helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership is the BEST part of working in this industry.


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