Helpful Things For Our Adults At Home

Sheltering at home is our "new normal", but adapting to any kind of different lifestyle takes time and patience. Adapting to an entirely new lifestyle under extreme stress is also a huge undertaking. You will have to work hard to train your mind to adjust to new circumstances and to prepare for even more change. Be kind to yourself, be patient. Learning to navigate this new chapter of our lives has a learning curve and not every day will be perfect.

Here are a few things that have helped me this week, and that I hope will help you.

Calming Music (No Words)

Panic attacks are a real thing, feeling sad, grieving, and arguing with your quarantine crew is going to happen. Recognizing that you need to pull the plug on anxiety? That's something you will need to stay vigilant of during this stressful time.

Have you tried spa or calming music yet? There are so many free options on Youtube, and something about the repetitive beat will soothe a troubled spirit or household with too much "energy". Try listening with headphones for an escape, or if you need to share the vibes try streaming to your TV. Many of them have soothing photography slide shows that are nice to have on visually.

This one was excellent.    Try this to encourage quiet time, and for focusing on necessary work from home tasks. 

If you want some guided meditation- these are short and free

Sweating it Out

So here is a reality. Most of us are in terrible shape. Finding the time and energy to work out, it always seemed to go to the bottom of the list. Now? It's just something that simply needs to be done. It's part of our commitment to being healthier and stronger. Plus there are so many FREE options.

Can't remember the last night you did a solid workout? It's OK. Start slow with some short sessions of yoga.

Yoga with Adrian is awesome- She is easy to follow and she has tutorials for all fitness levels.  My neck as been so stiff and sore from computer work and tension and this one is helpful, short, and easy to do (No fitness level required).

Looking for even more free workouts?- Try this article! Amazing things here. Make sure to change up your routine to keep it interesting. Try new things!

Cooking for Yourself and Others

For those of us who are cooking more and are using unusual ingredients... I have found to be very helpful. Why? You can put in what you have and then they will make suggestions of how to prep it.  Trying to balance a meal with pantry items will be a challenge, but now more than ever you can work to make healthy budget-friendly choices.

Another website that has been super helpful with budget planning and making fresh food last longer is   Oddly enough this lady is one of my favorite YouTubers and I have watched her for years and she is usually on point with all the things she recommends.  You will also find many pantry cooking and cheap meal option videos on youtube that will help you stretch your dollar further.

The Power of Taking A Break

If you are not alone, remember its ok to find a quiet room and get away from everyone for a few minutes. Especially if you are feeling sad, angry, upset, and frustrated. Take a break, leave a sign on the door that you are taking a break. Set expectations that breaks are good things for everyone and everyone has a right to take a break from others.

Closing Thoughts

I hope all of you are caring for yourselves and taking a little extra time to slow down and be patient with yourself. Remember to continue to share resources and be a helper. Be well and stay safe at home.

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