Back From Vacation? Do These 5 Things First!

Refreshed and ready to jump back into your schedule? Great! Here are a few tips to get back into the swing of things.

  1. Check your pipeline and call all parties involved in any upcoming closings to make sure that there are no outstanding tasks or elements needed to get to the settlement table. ESPECIALLY any title work.

  2. Check all of your social media accounts for any missed messages or notifications.

  3. Clean out your voicemail and make sure its empty to receive new messages and return all calls.

  4. Go back through all your text messages and make sure there are no messages that you mentally replied to instead of actually replying too.

  5. Call your supervising broker and admin and make sure that you have not missed any important messages from your team and to make sure there is nothing in the office you need to pick up.

BONUS: Send three messages to past or potential customers. Ask for a review. Send a funny and positive story. Send something educational. Be proactive and create some forward motion.

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